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Memorial created 11-5-2011 by
The Caro Family
Anthony Simon Caro "Champ"
November 11 1993 - July 25 2011

17-Year Old Anthony Caro Remembered

Sunday night's memorial service was so packed; hundreds were forced to stand on the side of the wall inside the church. Anthony's body lay in an open casket, as family and friends said one of their final good-byes to the "Champ".

The parents of seventeen-year-old Anthony Caro were surrounded by hundreds of mourners Sunday evening at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Selma.

"I just want to tell everybody here that is here that my son was so loved so much, that all of you here were apart of my son. I know that my son is in all your hearts and to my family it makes us feel so good and it feels so warm, without all you here, without your hearts & prayers I wouldn't be standing here talking right now," said Alfonso Caro, Anthony's father. 

"What helps me come up here and speak is Anthony has given me strength, God has given me strength, the love of my family, the love of this town and his friends, and all your hearts; all of you here - we really appreciate it." 

Anthony's family and close friends wore bright white t shirts with his picture to Sunday's memorial service. They were a tribute to Anthony, who was in a tragic accident last Monday night.

A day after Anthony and his friend, Jesse Lujan's car accident near Kingsburg, friends of the boys started to help raise money for both families. 

"To everyone who helped us in anyway they could it shows us so much of how you care for our son, and we thank you with all our hearts and with all our love. Thank you so much," said Anthony's father.

Sunday night's service is one of two being held for Anthony Caro. And while family and friends say it symbolizes the beginning of the healing process, many feel that Anthony & Jesse's death will make it more difficult for the community to move forward.

Monday's service will be held again at the St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Selma at 9:00 a.m.. It will be followed by a burial at Selma Cemetery.


17-year old, Anthony Caro Laid to Rest

Burial services were held Monday for seventeen-year old Anthony Caro, a Selma High School graduate who was loved and well liked throughout the community. 

Caro's younger sisters could hardly hold back tears as they watched their big brother being carried into the church. 

"Your in a much better place now! A place that is filled with joy, laughter, happiness, and all the football you wanna play!! R.I.P. Anthony Caro," said Daniel Madrigal, on our Facebook page. 

A funeral service was held at the St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Selma before his burial at Selma Cemetery. Hundreds of family and friends attended the funeral filling the church from the inside and outside. 

As his family laid the seventeen-year old to rest, they also released white dove's into the sky. 

Many said that smile is what they'll remember most. "I remember the way he use to smile all the time," said Frankie Villagrana. "He never had a frown and I will always remember the things he would tell me."

Many took to their facebook pages as well.
"Anthony Caro, I would like to thank you for having such beautiful soul..you will truly be missed by your friends and your loving family," said Cindy Jaime. "It was a honor to have known you..May you always smile down and watch over us..1# CHAMP... LOVE YOU ALWAYS TINA & CINDY AND KIDS."




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