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Memorial created 11-5-2011 by
The Caro Family
Anthony Simon Caro "Champ"
November 11 1993 - July 25 2011

Selma board approves memorial plan for Caro & Lujan

The Selma High School Class of 2011 and Class of 2012 lost two of its fellow students due to a tragic car accident this past year in July, and they have proposed a memorial to their two departed classmates. 

Class member Peter Badillo and fellow Selma High Student, Magenta Garcia came up with the idea of two benches to remember the two popular athletic students of Selma High School. Peter presented their final plans to the Selma High School board members, Tuesday. 

The plans to place a bench with a plaque, with color pictures of each boys on each bench, and a special quote that the parents have picked out to put on the bench commemorating Anthony Caro and Jesse Lujan will be set in front of the Student Office where the two boys once hung out.



The project was funded by donations that the friends and family raised. The friends & family hopes to have the memorial benches completed before the school year starts, but no exact date has been set. The rest of the money that has been raised will go towards the Anthony Caro & Jesse Lujan Scholarship. The plan and site were approved by the Selma Board Members at Tuesday's meeting.

Many subjects were brought up at Selma High School board meeting, but once the School Board was proposed with a Memorial proposal in memory of the two boys, the board did not hesitate to turn the proposal down - They quickly agreed to the project.

We have spoken to many Selma residents and fellow students about the Memorial benches and we have heard nothing but excitement when they heard the approval of the Memorial being placed at Selma High. 

"I feel that with the Memorial benches being put in at Selma High, we'll always feel like we still have a part of Anthony and Jesse with us at the school," said Nick Martinez. "It's not only a great way for the students to remember them, but the community as well and with future High School students coming to Selma High; They'll also know who Jesse & Anthony are and remember them for their great athleticism."

Peter Badillo was at Tuesday's meeting and he was thrilled when he heard the board approving the idea. 

"Magenta and I are so thankful that the school board approved this request. I am so happy to be able to do this for both families of Anthony and Jesse."


Peter quickly called both families, Anthony's parents and Jesse's parents, and they were both very grateful and excited about the plans. 

Anthony's Mother, Melissa Caro said,

"I'm so excited! This means so much to us! Thank you!"

"These boys were amazing and the deserve to have something to remember their names," said Leny Gee. "Not only were they great athletes, but great Sons, Nephews, Grandson, Brother, Best friends ect; And a little extra detail to remember these amazing individuals at the high school will only embrace a smile seeing those benches to remember them." 

Amanda Rodriguez said; 

"These boys are looking down on us right now seeing what an impact they made on the lives of their family, friends, and community. I think it's amazing on how we show our love and how much we care for them. Now when ever we want to talk to them they're there"


 Many residents even that are not from Selma, has been impacted by the story and also shared their thoughts with us. 

"I'm not from Selma, I'm from Reedley and I didn't even know them, but I think it's an awesome idea," said Lizbeth Mendoza. "These boys were amazing! Over the weeks I've heard amazing stories and they deserve that and much more! May they rest in Paradise with our heavenly father!"

Debbie Gilman, said, "I am not from Selma, I'm from Kingsburg and I think this is a great tribute to these boys. Way to go Selma!"

There will be two Memorial benches that will be installed at Selma HIgh School; one for Anthony and one for Jesse. 


Anthony's bench will have a total of four color pictures on top of the bench, including his football, baseball and senior pictures. It will contain a nice football boarding with the number 21 on each corner. 

Jesse's bench will be just as similar with four color pictures on top of the bench including his basketball and baseball pictures with a nice basketball boarding with the number 24 on each corner. 

"I think it's a great way for friends and family just to go sit and be with the boys and to just spend time with them and talk to them," said Samantha Mordin. "Great idea!"



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